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Augmented reality - Salaries For the 20 Hottest Tech Jobs

Computerworld, May 27

Emerging fields ranging from augmented reality to big data are seeing growth in demand by employers, with many companies offering six-figure salaries to attract the best and brightest. With that in mind, the article highlights twenty of the hottest new IT jobs, together with a salary range of what hiring companies are willing to pay for those skills. In many cases, the salaries start at $100,000 and can pay as much as $175,000 for experienced IT professionals with knowledge of cutting-edge technologies.

Augmented reality is making a huge impact on the marketing and sales industries and in retail, and that's leading to new demand for augmented reality developers with knowledge of tools such as ARToolKit, Unity3D, Vuforia and Metaio. Similarly, an emphasis on slick, attention-getting sites and applications is driving demand for front-end developers. With these roles, clients need not just Java and scripting experience, but also JavaScript libraries and AngularJS, EXTJS or Node JS. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile device management (MDM) are driving much of the demand for Network or Systems Security Engineers, and recent high-profile data breaches in retail are forcing companies to take a harder look at their network and systems security protocols and the people in charge of those.

Designing and building secure systems has never been more important, which explains why Security Architects are in huge demand. And security architect positions cross all domains and all industries, making it a wide-open field for job-seeking candidates. Data Scientists with experience in any "big data" platform and/or with machine learning experience can command salaries as high as $155,000. There's been a huge increase in client demand for these skills so far this year, since organizations want and need professionals who can use data analytics tools to dive into data and make decisions based on what the data's telling them. In an application-centric economy, iOS developers continue to be in high demand. Most of the demand is for developers who have built and released a successful application or worked on an application for a previous employer.